Estuary Range Homes Specification

The package is designed to have a 2.43m standard structural ceiling height, with a screeded masonry ground floor (by others) and suspended timber floor on upper levels with chipboard finish. The homes can be supplied with 19mm or 50mm cavity voids, dependant on the geographical location of the proposed site. We can also offer a ‘coastal’ upgrade to our specification, for those living nearer to the sea.


Assumes Supplied and Constructed By Others.


External wall panels are pre-assembled, including the breather membrane fitted.
Panels Pre-Insulated Using Rigid Foam Insulation – See Below
Panels Have Single Use Hoisting Straps Fitted.

  • 45 x 145 Treated Whitewood Studs (at 600mm Ctrs); Locating; Bottom; Top & Headbinder Rails
  • 12.5mm Plywood sheathing
  • Thermo Breather Membrane; S.S. Insect Screen at Base
  • Lintols – multiple 45 x 195 or 245, Treated Whitewood


Internal wall panels will be pre-assembled where reasonable. Racking ply fixed if applicable.

  • 45 x 95 Treated Whitewood Studs; Locating, Bottom, Top & Headbinder Rails (Headbinder for Racked Only) ; Studs at 600mm Ctrs
  • 45 x 145 Treated Whitewood Studs; Locating, Bottom, Top & Headbinder Rails (Headbinder for Racked Only) ; Studs at 600mm Ctrs
  • OSB sheathing (where structurally reqd)
  • Lintols – multiple 45 x 195 Treated Whitewood


Structure Formed Using Proprietary Timber ‘I’ Joists And Includes :-

  • Proprietary ‘I’ Joists & Blocking
  • Proprietary Timber Glulam Beams & Perimeter Joists
  • Flooring : 22mm V313 Moisture Resistant Chipboard
  • Elastomeric And PVA Timber Adhesive for application to joists and joints (all). Screws for fixing.
  • All Fixing Hardware
  • 100mm Sheets of Rigid Foam Insulation (Thermal Conductivity 0.022 W/mK) for installation to perimeter, on site.
  • Foam Gaskets for fitting above & below perimeter joists.


Post & Beam Style Roof Structure Over Living Areas, Prefabricated Trussed Roof To Remainder. Consisting of :-

  • European Whitewood Glulam Ridge Beam
  • Metal Web joists at 600 ctrs, and of minimum 300 depth.
  • Where A ‘Prow’ Feature Gable – Projection To Be 1200mm At Apex, 600-800mm At Eaves. Full Joists. (Perimeter Beams To Support Eaves To Be Multiple 45×195 With Cladding As Walls).
  • Preformed Trusses Over Remaining Areas Including Infill Trusses to Valley.
  • Prefabricated Gable Ladders To End & Dormer Gables

Blocking & Stops as reqd.
Fixing Hardware where reqd.
11mm OSB Sheathing Over Whole Roof
Breathable Membrane To General Roof
Treated Whitewood framing materials for eaves; soffits and gable overhangs.
Soffits to be clad with finish relative to general cladding finish c/w proprietary Vent Strip for fixing on site.
Fascia to be finished relative to general cladding finish – see individual specification.
Whitewood (treated) framing materials for eaves; soffits and gable overhangs.
12 x 38 Treated Softwood Counter Battens
25 x 50 Treated Softwood Tiling Battens to BS5534


Not Included.

CLADDING (Western Red Cedar Cladding Option)

WESTERN RED CEDAR (WRC) :- (Dressed ; All Untreated)
– 19 x 145 Cladding boards – Channel “Profile 1” – (see below) to all external walls for horizontal fix (vertical fix available as an option). a
– 19 x 145 Cladding boards – Channel “Profile 1” – (see below) to all soffits (excludes Veranda ceilings).
– 19 x 184 and 19 x 220 Fascia Boards – STK Grade (Multi Board to Prow Fascia)
– 19 x 90 Corner, Window and Door Trim boards.


Roof : 300mm (2×150) Glasswool Insulation quilt (Thermal Conductivity 0.040 W/mK)
Ext. Walls : Multi layer wall designed to achieve a ‘u’ Value Of Approx. 0.14 Wm²K

  • 100mm Rigid Foam insulation. (Thermal Conductivity 0.022 W/mK). This will be PREFITTED within frame.
  • Multi-Layer Foil Insulate Membrane for fitting on site, as insulate, air tightness and vapour barrier membrane.

Int. Partitions (All) & Ground Floor Ceiling : 100mm High Density Quilt Insulation (Thermal Conductivity 0.044 W/mK / Density >10 kg/m³).


12.5mm TE Plain Plasterboard (Std. Density) to all internal faces of external walls, Upper Floor Ceilings, and Internal Partitions between
Non-Habitable rooms.

12.5mm TE Plain Plasterboard (High Density – Soundcheck) to internal walls BETWEEN HABITABLE ROOMS and Main Floor Ceilings. a
(Density >10 kg/m²)

12.5mm TE Moisture Resistant Plasterboard (Std. Density) to appliance walls of Bathrooms.
‘Protektor’ Type 5100 Resilient Bars for use on Ground Floor ceilings (Scotland Only – two storey homes only).

Redwood, Plain or Ogee profile Skirting (Baseboards) Architraves, Window Sills & Apron Trims.

WINDOWS (Incl Patio & French Hinged, Doors)

Timber Aluminium Clad, Fully Prefinished Windows .
Features include :

  • Manufactured from laminated softwood for long term stability
  • Windows Generally Have A ‘u’ Value Of 1.40.
  • Tested to BS7950 – Secured by Design
  • Maintenance free external Aluminium finish (choice of colours)
  • Timber Prefinished internal finish ( choice of finishes).
  • Handles etc to have SAA finish


External Pass Door(s) :–

  • 58mm Insulated Timber Veneered Composite Door
  • Hung in a 57*80mm Laminated Hardwood Frame manufactured from the solid and incorporating, a) a continuous Aquamac 21 weather gasket and b) metal security keeps.
  • Euro Cylinder* – Key / Key + Cylinder Guard (inc 3 Keys)
  • 3 x heavy Duty Lift Off Hinges
  • Handles & Hinges in SAA or GAA finish
  • ‘Stormguard’ low level cill
  • Glazed panels to be 26mm DG unit
  • Fully prefinished – choice of colours and styles


Internal Pass Doors : Pine “4P/6P” Panelled Type Doors. Prehung within redwood frame. Incls. quality hinges and handle hardware. Requires stain/varnish finish.

Internal Closet Door : These will be Sliding Mirror or equivalent, set within redwood frame (supplied loose).

SKYLIGHTS (Where applicable)

Skylights will either be from the Velux, Dakea or Fakro ranges, double glazed, and finished internally with a white Painted finish.

DECKING VERANDA (Western Red Cedar Option)

Where a Deck; Balcony or Veranda are specified in individual designs, the following specification will generally apply, unless stated otherwise within the formal quotation.

  • 45 x 195 ‘Celcure’ (green) Treated Softwood Joists; End Joist & Blocking
  • 140 x 140 Douglas Fir Support Posts
  • 38 x 140 Western Red Cedar decking boards c/w Green Decking Grade screws for fixing.
  • 19 x 220 Western Red Cedar square edged plank for fascia finish to deck/balcony/veranda edge and to clad any overhead veranda beams

Balustrading materials :- (where applicable) (All WRC)

  • 90 x 90 Newel Posts
  • 38 x 140 Handrail
  • 38 x 90 Top & Base Rails

Ceilings Of Veranda’s, to be provided with 9mm Plywood sheets to clad.


  •  Black ‘Visqueen’ DPC. 500mu. 150mm and 225mm for use under external wall plate.
  • Black Wallplate Gasket Seal
  • Window Structural Opening Cill, Self Adhesive Sill Gasket
  • Expanding Waterproofing Foam Seal For Panel Joints
  • Expanding Waterproofing Foam Seal For Window & Ext. Door Surrounds
  • 1.50mm Powder Coated Aluminium, Shaped Flashings for head of windows.
  • 1.50mm Powder Coated Aluminium, Shaped Flashings for fixing to wall where decking is shown, and at GF wallhead on two story homes. Col.tbc
  • Proprietary Structural Hex Head Coachscrews For Panel Fixing.
  • Stainless Steel Annular Ring Shank nails for fixing cladding.
  • Spare Breather Membrane
  • Tape for Sealing Multi Foil/Vapour Membranes
  • Low Expansion Expanding Foam For Filling Around Window/Ext. Door Frames
  • Expanding Foam Adhesive For Fixing Insulation/Plasterboard At Windows/Ext. Door Reveals
  • Construction Issue Drawings.
  • Engineering Certification/calculations, for the home package elements only.


The Following Items Are Specifically Excluded :-

  1.  Decking and external steps (other than stated).
  2.  Roof Finish
  3. Holding down hardware
  4. DPC other than stated
  5. General nails & screws, including plasterboard fixings / wardrobe hanging rails
  6. Plumbing & Sanitaryware / Kitchen Units or White Goods
  7. Anything Not Stated Within Above Listings ….. if in doubt, please ask.