Project Management

While not one of our principle services, we can offer a Project Management service for our clients.

It may be that you are not a Self Builder in the ‘hands-on’ sense and require a more comprehensive build service, but outwith our normal Complete Construction area of operations. It may be that you aware of the required contractors, but not entirely sure of how to approach and deal with them.

The management of the build is very important, and getting this right can be more beneficial financially, than “saving money” by doing the construction yourself. If you are not trained in the ‘trade’ you are attempting, you will take much longer to accomplish the task, and have a high risk of making mistakes, which will take time and money to resolve. Good management, ensuring the materials are at hand for the trades to utilise, and having the trades work to a programme that allows smooth interaction between them, means the build time can be shortened, meaning savings in borrowings and in the cost of existing accommodation. The trades like it too, as they are able to work smoothly and without fuss or hindrance, which makes doing their jobs much more pleasurable.

There will be things appear to upset the flow; problems that require resolution, but if the project is well managed otherwise, it means whatever the problem, it can be addressed better and probably with a more thoughtful, considered approach.

In the past, we have built two homes for our own use. The first was a Chalet type of 185m², and we moved in, with carpets, curtain’s and all decorated, in 8 weeks. The second we did, was 245m², and we achieved the same level of occupation in 10 weeks. In both instances, we had various issues occur that needed quick resolutions, but we were able to so, because we were able to address these items, as the other tasks were running well and the operatives knew exactly what they were doing.

We are happy to be involved, whether it is just some initial help to start, or a full management service for the whole build project.