Complete Construction

In addition to the fabrication and supply of bespoke eco kit home packages, we offer two levels of build support : “Erect-To-Shell” and “Complete Build”. We can offer the Erect-to-Shell over most of the UK, however we only offer the Complete Build service within the Central Belt of Scotland.
Within the Erect-To-Shell, we normally offer to :-

  • Take delivery of the kit home package
  • Erect the structural house kit on foundations which you have had built. This includes :-
    • Lay wall gaskets, wallplates and fix
    • Erect ground floor wall panels, including internal structural walls.
    • If applicable, install the upper floor system
    • Again, if applicable, erect upper floor wall panels.
    • Erect the roof structure
    • Install the external windows and doors
    • If applicable, fit the siding (cladding) including fascias; soffits and trims
  • We can also in many cases, offer the option to fit the final roof finish.
  • We can also in many cases, offer to organise and contractor the plant equipment such as scaffold; crane; forklifts; welfare provision and storage.

When we Erect-To-Shell, we are only required to charge VAT on the elements which we do not erect (eg. Internal frames and finishes) so the VAT outlay is much reduced.

Within the Complete Build, we offer to construct your home, from start to finish, taking over the tasks from forming the foundations to handing over the keys to the completed home. Within this, we make sure that you have the time to choose the various items you want for your home, be it the type/format of heating and ventilation, to your choice kitchens and bathrooms.

Whatever basis you opt for : Supply only; Supply and Erect-To-Shell, or Complete Build, we are here to help and support at every stage.