LC Ecohomes Ltd

With every increasing awareness of our impact on the environment, and the continuing upgrading of building standards, homes are becoming more and more energy efficient and having low carbon signatures. In recent years, our specifications have moved forward rapidly and we now offer some of the most efficient construction specifications in our industry, with our ‘standard’ wall specification having ‘u’ values down to 0.10 Wm²k, and window options down to 0.70 Wm²k. However, we have always been aware that these must be affordable and we pride ourselves in offering these very high standards at a significantly lower cost than that of similar European competitors.
To this end, we have formed a new operation, which will focus further on this level of build. While we are still very enthusiastic supporters of natural timber cladding, because timber is truly a wonderful renewable resource materials, we accept there may be wider considerations, and our new organisation will cater for all external finishes. While not currently affiliated, it is hoped to move towards formal Passivhaus design certification. We hope our new company can be of service to you :-
LC-ecohomes ltd